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Retirement Homes

Retirement Homes are semi-independent facilities. Residents live in private apartments (studios, one bedroom, or two bedrooms) and take anywhere form one to three meals a day in the central dining room. Facility employees handle all landscaping and maintenance. Some Retirement Homes offer freestanding private homes or garden apartments. Several Retirement Homes are aligned with an Assisted Living Facility or a Nursing Facility, or both.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities resemble Retirement Homes, but differ in that they employ caregivers. Residents live in private apartments (studios, one bedroom, or two bedrooms) and take all meals in the central dining room. All apartments contain a kitchenette and a full private bath with a wheelchair accessible shower.

Residential Care Facilities

Residential Care Facilities are diversified. Some are modern and attractive. Others are older and modest. All serve meals and provide care. There are private rooms as well as shared rooms. Some only admit individuals with dementia.

Adult Foster Homes

Adult Foster Homes are private residences that, in Oregon, house up to five residents.
Meals are served in a central dining room. Almost all of the rooms are private, many with private baths. Adult Foster Home operators must pass a basic skills test and a language proficiency test, document verifiable work experience, and prove financial stability. The on-site caregivers are usually the owners of the home. Many homes have two caregivers present most of the time.

Nursing Facilities

Nursing Facilities are either freestanding institutions, or connected to some other type of facility. Most rooms are shared, but some are private. There can be as many as four in a room. There are two types of Nursing Facilities: Skilled Nursing Facilities and
Intermediate Care Facilities. Skilled Nursing Facilities must have Registered Nurses on
duty at all times. Most Intermediate Care Facilities do not provide the same level of skilled nursing care that is available at Skilled Facilities.

Memory Care Centers

Memory Care Centers are the only type of facility equipped with locks on the doors that prevent external wandering. Most have shared rooms, but there are some private rooms. Some are part of, or attached to a Nursing Facility. A few are licensed as Assisted Living Facilities. Most are licensed as Residential Care Facilities

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